Chestnut Honey

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Are you looking for power honey that will help you keep up with your daily tasks? Chestnut Honey might just be what you need.

It’s high in fructose and trace vitamins; a good energy source for your mind and body. A spoon of this elixir can help relieve your fatigue.

Chestnut Honey is highly aromatic, slightly tannic and has a nutty, bitter aftertaste. It’s both tree and floral honey, as it comes from the nectar blossoms and tree sap of chestnut trees.

You can enjoy Chestnut Honey with your morning coffee and spread it over your slice of toast.

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Bees produce chestnut honey by foraging tree saps and nectar blossoms of chestnut trees.

Amalsons Chestnut Honey come from Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park in Andalusia, located in Southern Spain.

We supply Amalsons Chest Honey from our Spanish beekeeper, Antonio.

Chestnut Honey is often higher in fructose than other varieties of raw honey. A spoon of chestnut honey can boost your energy level.

Chestnut Honey is not the sweetest compared to other varieties. It’s also slightly tannic due to the tannin in chestnut trees.

Chesnut Honey is highly appreciated by those who enjoy


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