Arbutus Honey

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Arbutus honey, also known as strawberry tree honey, is harvested by bees foraging on the strawberry tree blossoms in Despeñaperros, a natural park in the province of Jaén, Spain. It is a very distinctive type that is highly appreciated by those with a love of unique and potent honey.
We supply this connoisseur honey from our ecological and sustainable Spanish beekeeper, Antonio.

This particular honey has an unusual bitter/sweet complex multi-layered taste and is not for the unadventurous. It has an intense, ripe coffee aroma. It starts with a short-lasting but bitter kick, and it then slowly cycles through familiar flavours with short notes of dark chocolate and a hint of malt, ending with a nostalgic tone of butterscotch.

The antioxidant and antibacterial qualities of this honey are exceptional. It has the highest concentration of antioxidant as well as the most antibacterial raw honey in the world.
Due to its exceptional properties and low glycemic index, some studies suggest that this honey does not cause the sugar in the blood to spike, which may be ideal for someone who is sugar sensitive.

Arbutus honey goes well with fresh cheese, camembert, ricotta, pecorino cheese (Italian sheep cheese), but also with walnuts. Drizzled over ice-cream or mousse adds an interesting contrasting flavour.

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Please Note

Because our honey is 100% raw it can crystallize over time. This is normal and it does not mean that the honey has gone off. Simply place the jar of honey in a glass bowl, quarter fill a pan or a pot with boiling water then place the bowl into it. The steam should heat the bowl, which heats the jar without overheating it (you do not want the benefits of the honey to be eliminated by the heat). Keep the water boiling by turning up the heat on the stove. The honey should be in liquid form again in 15 minutes or so (depending on the size).


  • Do not feed raw honey to infants and young children under 12 months of age due to the chance of botulism poisoning. This is not a danger for older children or adults.
  • Using large amounts of honey might increase blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Avoid honey if you are allergic to pollen. Honey, which is made from pollen, may cause allergic reactions.

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